Logbook Servicing

Routine maintenance on a vehicle ensures that it continues to operate at its best by identifying any worn or damaged components, and replacing them before further damage can occur. Our mechanics can perform anything from minor servicing through to comprehensively inspecting the entire vehicle, optimising its safety on the road. We can also perform new car logbook servicing, so that your new car warranty is maintained. To book in for a service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Air Conditioning Servicing

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can make driving a very unpleasant experience. At R & I Mechanical Repairs, we can professionally repair, service and re-gas your air conditioning to keep you cool through summer. If your air conditioning isn't keeping your interior cool, contact us today to discuss a repair.

Batteries, Auto Electrical and EFI Repairs

At R & I Mechanical Repairs, our mechanics perform a wide variety of auto electrical repairs. Whether it's a simple globe replacement, battery testing, or alternator testing, we've got you covered. We can also supply and fit top quality batteries, using brands that our technicians know and trust for optimal reliability.Our staff can perform professional repairs to your electronic fuel injection system. For any auto electrical repairs or EFI system repairs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Registration Checks

The team at R & I are licensed to perform registration inspection for vehicles. We can perform pink slip inspections for all light vehicles, these are required every 12 months for a vehicle 5 years or older. If your vehicle is in need of a registration check, contact us today to book it in.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

Your vehicle's brakes are vital to its safety on the road. If they are under-performing, your stopping distance will be increased making your vehicle less safe to drive. Our staff can replace and machine brake components to get your vehicle stopping as the factory intended it to. If your brakes are squeaking, the steering is shuddering under braking, or your brake pedal feels soft, visit our workshop for an assessment of your brakes. We can also replace your worn clutch components. A worn clutch can result in decreased acceleration and difficulty shifting gears. For all you brake and clutch repair needs, contact us to arrange a quote.

Steering and Suspension Repairs

Like any other part of your vehicle, your steering and suspension components can wear over time and eventually fail. Worn suspension components can result in a harsh ride, and make your vehicle's handling less predictable. Worn steering components can not only negatively impact your vehicle's handling, they can also cause uneven tyre wear. If you feel like your steering and suspension are in need of repair, or you'd like an assessment, contact us today.

Cooling System Repairs

Is your vehicle overheating? Our staff can professionally test and repair cooling systems. Anything from replacing hoses to a head gasket, our qualified mechanics will have your vehicle operating at the correct temperature. To find out more about our cooling system repair capabilities, or to make a booking, contact us.


If your tyres are worn and in need of replacement, we have  partnerships with several local tyre specialists. These tyre specialists can fit anything from performance tyres for added grip, to economy tyres for improved value for money. These partners will also professionally align your wheels when fitting your new tyres. If you are in need of new tyres for your vehicle, contact us today.

Other Mechanical Repairs

In addition to our primary repair services listed above, our highly skilled team can also professionally perform repairs on the following components as well as many others:

  • Cylinder head
  • Differential
  • Wheel bearings
  • Transmission
  • Exhaust
  • Much, much more

To book in for a repair on any of the above, or to enquire about any mechanical repair to your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.